Peggy's Poems


Thirty years since we left England's shores
Leaving behind it seemed many flaws
Seeking a new life in a new land
Australia, the haven of sun and sand.

Five weeks at sea was a fairly long trip
on the 'Strathnaver', a lovely old ship
We crossed the oceans, the calm and the swell
at the end of it all, some good tales to tell.

At last we were there, twas the end of our trip
It was sad saying goodbye to that lovely old ship
We stood and we stared, thinking WHAT HAVE WE DONE
No one to turn to, nowhere to run.

Our daughter was ten, our son was just three
Our family now made up of my husband and me
We soon settled down though, remarkably quick
But I was the one who was always homesick.

Throughout all the good times, laughter and mirth
I longed to return to the land of my birth
Time soon sped by over the years
with many emotions, both laughter and tears.

We have seen many places, done many things
and accepted the changes that passing time brings
We've coped with the weather, the heat and the rain
But how I would love a white Xmas again

Our family are married with kids of their own
So my husband and I now live alone
We lead a full life and still like to roam
But the green fields of England
Will always be home


This land we live in now, Australia
So far across the sea from Mother England
With it's vast expanse of rugged bush
It's wide and wild country.

It's barren land from drought so fierce
That has broken many a spirit
It's relentless sun and searing heat
beating down on those within it.

It's summer brings with it the sun
of which some never tire
then comes the biggest threat of all
The dreaded big bush fire.

Autumn and winter bring relief
from the searing humid days
But these seasons don't last long
Then it's back to the old heat haze.

And then as each day finishes
And the sun has disappeared
Behind the white clouds above
A sudden sound may be heard.

Could it be the sound I'm waiting for
Is it really on it's way
The oh so cooling Southerly
Before I face the next hot day.

This is a sunburnt country
Australia, young and free
The summers are too hot though
For a 'Pommie Lass ' like me.


After dreaming so long and wishing so hard
The day at last is shortly to come
When I'll pack my bags and take a trip
To the home land I came from.

It's many long years since I first sailed away
From that land that had been home to me
And through all those years I still feel so strong
The magic that land holds for me.

The roots that were planted since first I was born
Grow stronger with the passing of time
Amid all the changes I know I will find
Will not dim these memories of mine

Like the sirens's song, it calls me back
This land that still beckons to me
A country small so lush and so green
My home land surrounded by sea- MY ENGLAND.

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