A.Y. Sea-D

The Story of how 'Sea-D' Entered Our Lives

In the mid 1980's Ronald Keith Burchell Born 1944 (RKB) had a business associate George Keegan, George lived in Newcastle New South Wales Australia. George owned a 35' Yacht which he berthed at Lake Macquarie Yacht Club.
At this time RKB and Marion Dinning Born 1947 (MB) owned a property that they, and all of their family used as a 'weekender' at 1 Greenway Avenue Mannering Park New South Wales.
Mannering Park is a small village on the southern shores of Lake Macquarie.Haines Hunter V16 For many years the lifestyle at the Mannering Park weekender was enjoyed by Family and friends. It was not uncommon for the kid's to invite friends for the weekend or school holidays. As the children grew and the 'Bright' lights of the city were more appealing, Ron & Marion no longer requires the 16' Haines Hunter power boat to take the Kid's and thier friends water sking, so the Haines Hunter was Sold.

Christopher Neil Burchell
Alan Roy a neighbour and Sailor at Mannering Park convinced Ron and Marion that a sailing boat was the way forward, so they purchased their first sailing boat, a 'Yellow Farr 6000'.
The 'Little Yellow' Farr had a few issues with things going wrong and there was a 'close shave' or two, Ron and Marion discovered that the previous owner of the 'Little Yellow Farr' had changed her name from 'Windfall Too' to 'Matia', Ron and Marion quickly changed her name back to 'Windfall Too', poured a FULL bottle of champagne over her bow and we all lived happlily without incident thereafter.Mannering Park Launching Ramp

Probably 1986, George Keegan invited RKB and MB to join him in a 'Raft Up' (Google It) in Wyee Bay on New Years Eve. When RKB and MB arrived the raft consisted of about six large Boats, some Yachts and some Power Cruisers, 'Windfall Too' was rafted onto a large Power Cruiser that dwarfed 'Windfall Too', however it came to pass that RKB had a secret weapon, MB and she had Christmas Pudding and Brandy Custard which was the envy of the 'Skipper' on the large Power Cruiser. Anyway a few Rum and Cokes later we all blended into a happy little band of Sailors.

The biggest boat in the raft was 'Sea-D' and she lay at the opposite end of the Raft to 'Windfall Too', around midnight RKB and MB were invited aboard 'Sea-D' to welcome in the New Year. MB and RKB thought she was great, she was large, comfy and her pair of huge shiney primary winches made her the envy of the group.
The 1st of January arrived, the Raft broke up and everyone went about their own business.

Both MB and RKB loved being on the water, so much so that one day, MB received a phone Call at work from RKB inviting her to lunch at a little Harbourside restaurant at which RKB asked MB, how about 'Sailing around the World'.
MB did almost fall off her chair, I am not sure if she ever did reply in the 'Positive', but MB secure in the knowledge that their 'Little Yellow Farr' was too small and neither MB or RKB had any navigational skills brushed it off as another 'Mad Idea'

Over the next year RKB and MB sold 'Windfall Too' and their Holiday home at Mannering Park and purchased a 36' Sparkman and Stephens designed Yacht called 'Starlight Express'.Peggy and Her Family She was a Racer, she was touchy, hard to handle and a lot of fun.

RKB and MB were still very 'Green' and needed a Sailing Club environment that would help them improve their skills and knowledge. After visiting a few Yacht Clubs that are scattered around Sydney Harbour it was decided that 'Starlight Express' will berthed at the C.Y.C.A. in Rushcutters Bay Sydney. RKB and MB shared the same passion for Sailing as they did for each other and quickly immersed themselves in the C.Y.C.A Sailing scene.

In 1992 RKB was due for 3 months Long Service Leave, so MB and RKB decided to 'Cruise' Starlight Express which was a sleek racing Yacht to the Whitsunday Islands and back, for which they were honoured to be awarded the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia plaque for 'The Best Cruise in Australian Waters' Trophy, they had a fantastic time and were well and truly 'hooked'. 'Starlight Express' was a great Yacht, but did not suit 'shorthanded' (means no crew) sailing.

To simplify the story 'Starlight Express' was sold on their return to Sydney.

Now RKB and MB were 'Boatless Owners' which is not a good place to be. RKB and MB were on the hunt for a Fast Cruising Yacht that also offered comfort.

A week or two later George Keegan came to Sydney to do a bit of business with RKB and he mentioned 'Sea-D' was on the market and the rest is history!

A.Y. Sea-D

JUMP OVER TO MID 1993. Last update 10/03/2022


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