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Peggy's Story

Peggy was born at 48 Railway Terrace, Houghton Le Spring, Co. Durham to parents Violet Parker Boll and George Alfred Hinchliffe.48 Railway Terrace Houghton Le Spring

The North Country Geordie Miners were a very tight knit community, it was quite often the case that children would stay with an Aunty or Uncle a few doors up if their house was full to the brim. In those days, large families and small houses were the 'norm', it was not uncommon for 8 - 10 children to share one bedroom. The Miners Houses were supplied by the Mine Owners for a small weekly rental whilst at least one member of the household worked 'Down the Pit', in the event of the Miners death, if no other member of the household was working 'Down the Pit, the wife and all of her children were 'turfed out' and therefore became homeless. The Miners houses were known as 2 up 2 down as the bottom floor consisted of a Scullery and Kitchen. Upstairs were 2 bedrooms, one for the Mother and Father and the other for all of the children. There was no bathroom, laundry or toilet inside the house, the toilet was outside. If you were lucky you had a 'copper' to boil your clothes in, the washing was hung out to dry on the 'common' clothes line on the 'Green' which separated the rows of homes.Common Area for Washing and Drying Clothes
- In fact the 1911 census records Peggy's Mum Violet at the age of 6 living with her Grandparents Thomas and Margaret Parker at the same No 48, in those days this was the norm. Peggy's father was a break from the mold of coal miners, he was a brick layer. He died from pneumonia when Peggy was 5. The 'Pits' are now closed, the houses remain, from the outside very much as they were, the 'Green' and 'Common' clothes lines are still there today (2017)

Her Mum Violet remarried a few years later to Joseph Rutter Jackson, (Jack) they had 3 children, Derek, Brian and Jill. Peggy was very close to her second family and never thought of them other than her very own brothers and sisters, and she always referred to Jack as “'m' Dad'”. I guess that is why she never thought of trying to find her biological father's family the Hinchliffes.

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Spotlight on Family

Family Members

The Hinchliffe Twins
George and Robert Hinchliffe

George and Robert Hinchliffe

The Hinchliffe Twins:

George Alfred Hinchliffe
John Robert Hinchliffe

Harold Burchell
Harold Burchell and Gwen Burchell

Harold Burchell and Gwen Burchell

Taken some time after Harold's return to Australia from the POW camp.

Hear Harold's Interview with his daughter Nola and read his notes the 'Grim Glory'

Violet Jackson
(nee Boll)

(nee Boll)

First married to Alfred Hinchliffe, then after his death she married Joseph Jackson

Lived in Durham with Alfred. Lived in Caterham Surrey with Joseph

Brian Jackson
Brian Jackson

Brian Jackson

Brian with his dog Monty

This photo was taken at the rear of Jack and Violets shop in Caterham Surrey UK

Sidney Attwood
Sidney Attwood

Sidney Attwood

Step Father to William George Burchell and Harold Burchell.

Second Husband to Mabel Burchell (nee King)
A Man that I should live spent more time with than I did, due to negative and possibly incorrect feedback from my parents.

Jill Jackson and Family
Jill Jackson

Jill Jackson

Jill Jackson married John Gaywood

Jill and John met at the Bank of England

Derek Jackson and Family
Derek Jackson

Derek Jackson

Derek married Margaret Faulkner in England

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Jack Jackson and Family
Jack Jackson

Jack Jackson

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